River Plate Shipping Guide

This book is dedicated to all those interested in foreign trade in the River Plate basin and in the southeast coast of South America, particularly in connection with the multimodal shipping transport. The book was first published in 1932 and since then it has undergone periodic updates and corrections which make it the most comprehensive and up to date handbook on the subject. It covers everything from general information and statistics of the country to the most detailed characteristics of each port in the region. It also contains technical information on navigation, information on regulations, cargoes, tariffs and taxes and other various aspects of the industry. It's organization in subjects and detailed indexes allow for easy browsing and the information is presented clearly and with good graphic solutions. The River Plate Shipping Guide is the most consulted reference handbook in foreign trade - both by local and international operators - and the only one endorsed by a centenary institution like the Centro de Navegación.
Chapter One - Argentina (15)
    Geographical characteristics (17)
    Political characteristics (18)
    Social characteristics (24)
    Economic characteristics (26)
    Transport infraestructure (32)
    Argentina and the Mercosur (38)
    Argentina foreign trade (40)
Chapter Two - The River Plate Basin (53)
    Introduction (52)
    River Plate (53)
    Paraná River (66)
    Uruguay River (68)
    Paraguay River (69)
    Hidrovía Paraguay - Paraná (70)
    Main Shipping Channels (71)
Chapter Three - The Atlantic Seaboard (85)
Chapter Four - Pilotage-Towage-Stevedoring (87)
    Pilotage (87)
    Towage (90)
    Stevedoring and Tallying (90)
Chapter Five - Operations with various traffics (92)
    Containers (92)
    Grain Shipments (94)
    Dangerous Goods (96)
    Refrigerated Cargo (98)
    Cruise Ships (99)
Chapter Six - Legal–Claims (101)
    Cargo Claims (101)
    Salvage-Towage-Divers (102)
    Vessels under Argentine Flag (103)
    Law 24.093: Argentine Ports (104)
    Arrest of Ships (105)
Chapter Seven - Ship Agents in Argentina (106)
Chapter Eight - Taxes (109)
    Taxes in Argentina Affecting Overseas Shipping (109)
Chapter One - Northern Ports (118)
Chapter Two - North Pampa Ports (127)
Chapter Three - Central Pampa Ports (205)
Chapter Four - South Pampa Ports (296)
Chapter Five - North Patagonia Ports (333)
Chapter Six - South Patagonia Ports (341)
Chapter One - Bolivia (389)
Chapter Two - Brazil (394)
Chapter Three - Chile (397)
Chapter Four - Paraguay (406)
Chapter Five - Uruguay (417)
Appendix (439)
Alphabetical Index (445)
Index of Advertisers (455)
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