River Plate Shipping Guide

A pictorial book for everyone related to shipping, transport and foreign trade in the southeast area of South America. The new edition of the River Plate Shipping Guide gathers the most important information of each port with a careful selection of images and maps in a reference book for the market since 1932.

The River Plate Shipping Guide is the most consulted reference book in foreign trade - both by local and international operators - and the only one endorsed by a centenary institution like the Centro de Navegación. Size 24cm x 29cm.

Argentina (9 - 22)
A synthesis of political and economic issues of the country divided by productive sectors. Infrastructure features and means of transport as well as statistical data on foreign trade and economic areas are also included.
Bahía Blanca Ports (25 - 37)
Two centuries and still going strong. Past, present and future of one of the most important multipurpose terminals in Argentina.
The River Plate Basin (39 - 52)
Notes of nautical interest on the fifth world water basin: River Plate and Parana, Paraguay and Uruguay Rivers. Roads, channels, communications, safety, tolls and other fundamental technical aspects that regulate navigation in these waters.
Ports (61 - 217)
A summary with the description of ports and terminals plus specifications on specialty, equipment and services. Additionally, general jurisdictional-administrative information and a collection of illustrative maps.
Atlas (225 - 239)
A collection of high-quality regional maps with appropriate information for the industry. Argentina in general, ports location with their specialties and technical aspects of the River Plate.
Indices (241 - 255)
A set of indices to find the citation of ports or terminals operators, nautical and shipping terms, places, cities, images and also the recommendations of our advertisers.
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