Law 11.843, known as the Prophylaxis on Disease caused by Rats, applies to all conveyances for the carriage of persons and cargo, to storage sheds and public buildings. A brief outline of that part of the law relating to shipping is given hereunder.
Vessels of foreign registry will be fumigated when proof is not shown that fumigation has been effected by a competent authority, and in a port duly authorized by the International Office of Public Hygiene, or that they have been exempted from such operation by the Health Ministry at authorized ports, within the last 6 months.
Vessels arriving with an expired Deratization or Exemption Certificate may obtain an exemption for 6 months provided the Port Health inspectors find the vessel to be in a good sanitary condition without trace of rats. Should such a vessel arrive and depart on the weekend or holiday or in overtime hours, then a one month extension can be obtained. This service is charged as per tariff in Decree 1527/01.
The authorities will not recognize the validity of any certificate or issue any Exemption Certificate to those vessels which, in the opinion of the Port Health Official attending the vessel, are not in a good sanitary condition. No vessel which has had an annotation on their Free Pratique Certificate, to the effect that they must be fumigated or inspected, is permitted to commence loading before these requisites are complied with.