Stowaways and deserters

The vessel is fined for each stowaway on board, whether reported to the authorities on arrival or not. The fine is assessed by the authorities, and it can reach an important amount if the stowaway is not reported. It should be noted that if the stowaway has no documents to prove his identity almost for certain the local authorities will insist he remains on board and sails with the ship. The departure of a stowaway must be certified by the Immigration authorities.
When a stowaway or rejected passenger is landed for the time the vessel is in port, all expenses are for account of the carrier. It should be carefully noted that the stowaways are the responsibility of the Master, Owner and Agent whilst in Argentina and should they escape, the pertinent penalties will be levied against the responsible parties.
Stowaways embarked at Argentine ports
Stowaways embarked at Argentine ports may, if discovered in time and subject to permission being obtained from the authorities through their Agents, be landed with the pilot when outward bound. Whether such stowaways are landed or not, the Master should always advise the authorities or his Agents of their presence on board, giving port of embarkation, name, age and nationality.
Cases of desertion or of men left behind on sailing must be immediately reported by the Master or his Agents to the Immigration Department at the port involved, or to the Coastguard at those ports where no Immigration delegate is available. If this is not done, the vessel and/ or its Agents are liable to a heavy fine, assessed by the authorities according to the circumstances of the case. Should a left-behind crew member or deserter spontaneously present himself to the authorities, or be arrested by the police, the Agent of the vessel must arrange for his repatriation without delay.
Board and lodging of deserters and stowaways
The Agents, on behalf of Master/Owners are responsible for the payment of the board and lodging of deserters, stowaways, etc. Should deserters or stowaways be eventually allowed to remain in the country, they must prove that either they, or whoever applied for a resident’s permit on their behalf, have paid all their expenses whilst in detention.