Law 24,093: Argentine ports

Decree 769/93 was promulgated on 22/04/1993 whereby Law 24,093 came into effect. By this law the State relinquished control of all ports directly in its charge which were administered by the General Port Administration (AGP).

At Buenos Aires, this has resulted in the division of Puerto Nuevo into private terminals handling containers and other cargoes, which are held in concession by their operators for terms varying from 18 to 30 years. It has also resulted in the establishing of a privately owned container terminal in Dock Sud, section 1.

Law 24,093 also states that at the ports of Rosario, Bahía Blanca, Quequén/Necochea, Santa Fe, the state relinquishes control as previously exercised by AGP in favour of societies formed by private or public bodies other than State organizations. These societies so formed should assure the participation of importers, exporters, barge or ship operators, stevedoring contractors, ship or cargo service operators as well as port labor. At the same time the provincial government and the municipal authority within who’s jurisdiction the port is located, must also be represented.
This has resulted in societies being formed along the lines established above. In the case of Dock Sud, all general cargo berths other than the container terminal mentioned above are under the direct administration of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The society or administration controlling the port must also ensure, either directly or through third parties, adequate tug, pilot and mooring gang services, fresh water, garbage and slop collection, fire-fighting and pollution control. Ports, whatever their use, are to provide adequate office accommodation for security and control officials, Customs and if necessary, police. The authorities of the various ports and terminals shall be fully responsible for dredging, buoying and maintaining all channels and accesses to and within their respective port area.