Campana in Central Pampa


Latitude 34º 07.7’ S / Longitude 58º 58.4’ W
River Paraná de las Palmas, right hand
Zárate - Province of Buenos Aires

Paper charts ENC Foreign charts
ARG H-118, H-130, H-1004 / CR.1: Part I: sheet RPP4 AR4EM042 BA 1982 A, 2039


Located at km 97 on the right margin of the Paraná de las Palmas River, Campana is in the province of Buenos Aires and has a population of 95,000. Besides having considerable port and commercial activities Campana also has a good industrial infrastructure; outstanding are TENARIS, the manufacturer of seamless steel pipes and the Axion Energy oil distillery, among other industries. The Santa Fe-Buenos Aires highway offers a good connection with the main industrial centers as well as with other highways into the Pampa region. Located 10 km from the Zárate-Brazo Largo bridge, it has good connections with Mesopotamia. The Nuevo Central Argentino railway connects it directly with Rosario, Córdoba, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán.