Ibicuy in Central Pampa


Latitude 32º 46.2’ S / Longitude 59º 10.9’ W
River Ibicuy, left hand
Ibicuy - Province of Entre Ríos

Paper charts ENC Foreign charts
ARG H-118, H-130, H-1018, H-1112 / CR.1: Part I: sheet 7 AR4PP112 BA 1982, 2039


Ibicuy is a small town of 5200 inhabitants in the southern area of the province of Entre Ríos, located in the Delta of the Paraná River. There are no industries and the activity is mainly commercial. It is 40 km away from National Highway N° 12 which connects it to the north with the Mesopotamia and south to the greater Buenos Aires area and the Pampa region.