Puerto General San Martín in North Pampa

Puerto General San Martín

Latitude 32º 42.1’ S / Longitude 60º 43.2’ W
River Paraná, right hand
Puerto General San Martín - Province of Santa Fe

Paper charts ENC Foreign charts
ARG H-1025, H-1025 A / CR.1: Part I: sheet 17 AR4PI404 BA 1982 B


Puerto General San Martín is in the northern area of the Greater Rosario. With a population of 13,200, it is the seat of important industrial plants, mainly agriculture, chemical, petrochemical and oil. The Nuevo Central Argentino railway offers connection towards Tucuman, Córdoba and Zárate. The port area is connected with an excellent road network and the Rosario/Victoria bridge communicates San Lorenzo with the Mesopotamic region. The belt highways at Rosario and Santa Fe permit good road access avoiding urban traffic. The Rosario International airport is 32 km away.