Quequén - Necochea in South Pampa

Quequén - Necochea

Latitude 38º 34.7’ S / Longitude 58º 42.1’ W
River Quequén Grande, both hands
Quequén / Necochea - Province of Buenos Aires

Paper charts ENC Foreign charts
ARG H-252, H-253 AR402520, AR502530 BA 531, 556, 3065 / US 23141, 23131, 23030


The cities of Quequén and Necochea constitute an urban conglomerate of about 99,000 inhabitants divided by the Quequén Grande river. There is an intense commercial activity as the city is in the middle of one of the richest farming areas in the country. There are also important agroindustrial plants (vegetable oil and seeds byproducts) and fish processing plants. Also, there is a mediumsized agriculture equipment industry. The area has good road access and is connected by highways N° 55, 86, 88, 227 and 228. The city is served by the Ferrosur Roca railway and there is a small airport for medium sized airplanes working domestic routes.