Río Gallegos in South Patagonia

Río Gallegos

Latitude 51º 36.2’ S / Longitude 69º 01.3’ W
River Gallegos, right hand
Río Gallegos - Province of Santa Cruz

Paper charts ENC Foreign charts
ARG H-451 A, H-451 B AR404520, AR50451B BA 3107, 3813 / US 23000


Río Gallegos is the capital of Santa Cruz, the southernmost continental province in Argentina; it has a population of 112,000 and significant administrative, commercial and financial activities. This is the point of exit of the coal production of Río Turbio, some 250 km west, and of other minor mining enterprises. Sheep breeding is quite important in this area, however the most important activity is the oil extraction. In Río Gallegos the southern Patagonia highways meet, both the coastal and mountain roads. A narrow gauge railway connects the coal mines in Río Turbio (at the frontier with Chile) to the wharfs at Punta Loyola. There is an airport serving domestic and regional flights.