Rosario in North Pampa


Latitude 32º 58.4’ S / Longitude 60º 36.7’ W
River Paraná, right hand
Rosario - Province of Santa Fe

Paper charts ENC Foreign charts
ARG H-1023, H-1023 A / CR.1: Part I: sheet 15 AR4PI404 BA 2039, 1982


Rosario is the second largest city in Argentina, with a population of about 1,250,000 (including the greater Rosario area). It is located in one of the largest and richest grain producing areas, and is also among the most industrialized regions in the country. There are factories building cars, spare parts, refrigeration equipment, railway equipment, home appliances, machinery for the dairy industry, etc. Also outstanding is the production of vegetable oil and byproducts, dairy products, pressed meats, etc. 50% of the furniture industry in the country is spread in the outskirts of Rosario. The chemical and petrochemical industries are also very important and there are oil distilleries, as well as several plants producing biodiesel from soybean oil. The road and railway network spreads from Rosario towards all points in the country, with the Nuevo Central Argentino, Ferroexpreso Pampeano, Buenos Aires/Pacific and Belgrano lines serving the city as well as numerous highways. Rosario is the head station of the grain railway line that connects it to Bahía Blanca, actually not used as much as in years before. The airport is close to the city and has extensive domestic and international services.

Recently in this port:

Inauguraron un nuevo muelle en Puerto Rosario - 18 Jul 2016

La concesionaria de la Unidad VII, Servicios Portuarios, invirtió 70 millones de pesos en la obra de reconstrucción de un tramo que se había derrumbado.

Inauguraron un nuevo muelle en Puerto Rosario
Participaron en el acto autoridades de la provincia, la ciudad y el Enapro.

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