San Antonio in North Patagonia

San Antonio

Latitude 40º 46.5’ S / Longitude 64º 53.0’ W
San Antonio bay
San Antonio Oeste - Province of Río Negro

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ARG H-262, H-263 AR402620, AR502630 BA 531, 3067 / US 23115


The most important coastal city in Río Negro, population 16,300, it is about 60 km from San Antonio Este, a small village with about 380 inhabitants which are mostly involved with the local port, the town`s main activity. The main commercial and administrative services are at San Antonio Oeste, across the bay of San Antonio. It has good road connections with the Río Negro valley, the main apple and pear producing area in the country, and with the southern Pampean area. The closest airport is in Videma (175 km away) which serves domestic flights.