San Nicolás in North Pampa

San Nicolás

Latitude 33º 21.2’ S / Longitude 60º 09.7’ W
River Paraná, right hand
San Nicolás de los Arroyos - Province of Buenos Aires

Paper charts ENC Foreign charts
ARG H-1018, H-1018 A / CR.1: Part I: sheet 12 AR4PI297 BA 1982 A


San Nicolás is the northernmost city in the province of Buenos Aires and has abt. 138,000 inhabitants. The town has an important commercial activity that serves a vast farming area. The main industry is TERNIUM SIDERAR, the largest steel mill in the country, and there is also a large power plant. It is served by the Nuevo Central Argentino railway which connects the city with Santa Fe, Córdoba and the city of Buenos Aires. The Santa FeBuenos Aires freeway offers a good connection with the main industrial centers as well as with other highways into the Pampa region. The closest commercial airport is in Rosario, some 60 km away, with domestic and international flights.