Timbúes in North Pampa


Latitude 32º 35.3’ S / Longitude 60º 46.4’ W
River Coronda, right hand
Timbúes - Province of Santa Fe

Paper charts ENC Foreign charts
ARG H-1026, H-1026 A, H-1027 / CR.1: Part I: sheet 18 AR4PI404 BA 1982 B


A town in the south of Santa fe province, population 3600, is al part of the Greater Rosario area and has industries specialized in oils, meals, chemicals and biodiesel. On its port area, on the Coronda River, there are several terminals for ocean going vessels. It is 35 km away from Rosario, and with the Buenos Aires-Santa Fe freeway it is connected with all points in the country. The closest airport is Rosario with serves domestic and international flights.