Zárate in Central Pampa


Latitude 34º 05.4’ S / Longitude 59º 00.7’ W
River Paraná de las Palmas, right hand
Zárate - Province of Buenos Aires

Paper charts ENC Foreign charts
ARG H-118, H-130, H-1005 / CR.1: Part I: sheets RPP4, RPP5 AR4EM042 BA 1982, 2039


The city of Zárate has 107,000 inhabitants, an important commercial activity and several industries; among them, chemical and beer industries. There is also a car factory. Located on the north edge of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, it is connected by the Santa FeBuenos Aires highway and has other connections to the rest of the country, especially with the Mesopotamic provinces, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay through the road/railway Zárate Brazo Largo bridge over the Paraná river. There are two railways serving the city: Nuevo Central Argentino and Mesopotámico.